Drawing a realistic chibi kitten

Artist: LugiaPaint22 / May 4, 2013

Step 1.

Like always,start eith the guidelines.

Step 2.

Now, since this is a chibi, make sure that the eyes are large, and about one inch apart from eachother. Make a small kitty style nose and sketch in about 4 whiskers on each side of the mouth.Build up on fur around the head, keep tracing darkly until    

Step 3.

Add the fur in between the eyes, and carefully detail it, and watch the direction of the fur.Also add the ears.

Step 4.

Draw the rest of the fur on the head.

Step 5.

Darken the eyes with a 0.7 mm mechanical pencil ( those work best for detail) As you darken, when satisfied, use a tissue ( those work best for smooth, clean results) and blend.

Step 6.

Draw the front paws and fur.

Step 7.

Draw the front paws and fur.

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Artist: LugiaPaint22
Date Added: May 4, 2013
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Tags: how to draw kittens
Description: I beleive my status says my new objective is that I will make some more realistic tuts, so here is a realistic tut. Have fun drawing this kitten!