How to Draw a Hydralisk From Starcraft 2


Sketch out the large shape for the head then draw the lower jaw.


Using the guide you just made, carefully and slowly sketch out the shape of the top portion for the Hydralisk head. As you can see there is a lot of contouring in the design.


Begin to sketch in the definition and detailing to the back part of the head like so, then add the shape of the eye and other additional details.


The bottom jaw is shaped just like the alien from Predator. Sketch out the split jaw shape, then add detailing to the back part of the mandible.


Add the other side of the jaw shape, then draw in the small razor sharp teeth along with the detailing along the bottom part of the jaws.


Continue to work on the shape and structure of the Hydralisk's head as you see it drawn for you here. It's hard to describe what the parts are to the body since I don't know. I'm guessing it's the stem for the neck.


Begin to sketch out the shape of the body which is basically some curved lines that join up into one.


Sketch out the other arm, then draw in all the detailing associated with the limbs and body.


Here is the last step. All you have to do is sketch out the definition on the front part of the arm and or shoulder, then erase your mistakes.


The line art looks like the image you see here. Now you can color in your works.

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September 2, 2013

Description: Since I already did a tutorial on this character from StarCraft, I won't talk much about it because there is no sense in repeating myself all over again. I have been a fan of Starcraft for so many years so whenever I do a drawing based on one of the characters, I always have fun and get lost in the moment. Today I will first show you once again "how to draw a Hydralisk", step by step. These alien creatures remind me a lot of the Aliens from the movie 'Alien'. Like always I had a blast, and if you are a StarCraft fan you will enjoy this tut too on drawing a Hydralisk. I have one more lesson on the way before I take a break for a few hours. So stay tuned in and enjoy the fun as you go along.

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