How to Draw a Roach from Starcraft 2


Make a large shape for the body, then add a circle for the head. You will draw in the limb lines or legs.


Here we will draw the top portion of the head which is like a visor. Add the collar line for the neck as well.


Now you can draw the face shape along with the claw clapping like pincers. The jagged lining for the teeth should also be added.


Draw in the face, then add all the extra detailing that makes up the face design and structure.


Begin drawing the blade like plates that will cover the front legs. These plates act as shields for the Roach's body.


Next, take your time as you draw in the large hook like prongs that are coming from the Roach's back.


Once the claws are drawn in, you can create the back which is a hard rounded shell that is covered in throne shaped spikes.


Draw the back legs and on each side there should be three, but since the creature is drawn from an angle you will only see three legs on the left side.


Create the realistic detailing on some parts of the body. The rest of the definition is more like markings then skin texture. Add definition to the nail like feet, then erase your mistakes.


Here is the line art once you are done. Now you can color in the drawing that you created on a Starcraft 2 Roach.

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November 9, 2014

Description: There are all different kinds of monsters in the Starcraft video game series. This creature in this tutorial is coming from Starcraft 2 and the lesson is on "how to draw a Roach from Starcraft 2". These creatures are gruesomely gross and have nasty looking faces and bodies. The Roach is a critter that stems from the Zantar Slug which was genetically altered and then turned into the Swarm and finally the Roach. Drawing Starcraft monster is always fun for me because I am a huge Starcraft fan and I always will be.

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