How to Draw a Green Scorpion


Begin by drawing three shapes for the body and the claws.


Next, draw in the first claw for your scorpion. This should be bulky and clamp like looking.


Okay folks, we will now draw in the other claw and then move to step four.


We will draw the arm of the scorpion's limb like so, then add a seam line for the tip of the claw finger.


Up next, sketch out the body and be sure that there are some layers of ripples along the edges of the body.


We will now draw the limbs or legs on the right side, then proceed to step seven.


Draw in a couple more legs and then you are all set for this step.


On the left side draw in the rest of the scorpion's legs and then that's pretty much it for now.


Lastly, draw the scorpion tail and the singer bulb. Erase your mistakes after you detail the tail.


Here is your line art when you are done drawing the scorpion. Color him in poisonous green or any shade you like.

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May 30, 2015

Description: A good way to translate how poisonous a spider or other critter might be, is to color it in an intoxicating shade. That is what I wanted to do here with showing you how to draw a green scorpion, step by step. This isn't one of those detailed scorpion lessons where it's almost impossible to recreate. All you will be doing is making some chunky claws and a whole shaped body. Anyways,

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