How to Draw a Scorpion

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Are you ready? Okay, lets start off by drawing the guidelines to this bug. The scorpion has a curved tail so when you attempt to draw this, just remember that every step will show you what to do next. Draw an oblong square looking shape for the head    


Now what you want to do is focus on the tail end that is sorta part of the body as well. From the head back draw straight lines that curve at the tip on both sides and close them off at the to by combining them into a pointed stinger. On the body/tai   


On this step what you want to do is the same thing you did to the front legs on the eight back legs until you get the resemblance of spider legs. Now can you see why they are part of the spider family. Take your time you want them to all come out eve   


In this step what you want to do is detail the scorpion and define the body with some line thickening. As you can see in this step the scorpion looks bold. The body needs to be shaped as well by rounding off the sides which is very simple. See now di   


That's it you are done all you need to do before your sketch can look like this is erase all the guidelines and pencil marks that I'm sure are all over your paper. I'll smell you later people.

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February 5, 2008

Description: Scorpions are believe it or not part of the bug family, that’s right those creepy looking, crab like insects are relatives to the mites and ticks. Their part of the Arachnida family which are close to being spiders and other bugs like them. This critter is widely found in the desert plains but can also be found in the forests of Brazil, North Carolina, British Columbia and other countries and states that have warm desert like climates. An interesting fact is scorpions have been roaming the earth for millions of years now. Wow! That is what I call a survivor, there almost like a cockroach that can survive a nuclear holocaust. How many different scorpions are there you ask? Well let’s see, about 2,000, and out of that 2,000 twenty five to forty of them contains poison strong enough to kill a person. Scorpions are carnivores and have a wildlife age span of 8 years. Did you know that these insects can slow down their metabolism dramatically so they can survive for one year by only eating a single bug? Wanna hear something crazy? Scientist conducted several studies on scorpions, and one of them was freezing them alive for a whole 24 hours, and putting them under a heat lamp and watch them walk away as if nothing had ever happened. Tell me that’s not insane huh. I wish us humans had that capability we could freeze ourselves when become ill and get defrosted when there is a cure. As you can see scorpions are fairly easy to draw, I mean they only have those claws and a curvy tail with a stinger on the tip that can totally poison you with one sting. They have two eyes on the sides of there head and up to five eyes that run along the sides of their head. I guess they have no problem steering the wheel huh. These step by step instructions in this tutorial will show you how easy it is to draw a scorpion. So sit back get your sketch pad out and pencil and enjoy this tutorial.

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