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How to Draw a Ghoul For Kids

Artist: Dawn / October 12, 2012
How to Draw a Ghoul For Kids

Step 1.

The first thing you will need to do is draw out a soft skull shape. This will be for the head of your ghoul.

Step 2.

Next, draw and color in the eyes as well as create the nose or nostrils. When that is done make a simple zigzag style mouth line, then add some dimples on the sides of the head for the temples of the skull shape.

Step 3.

On to the body. Draw two long arms and flat lined hands. The fingers should have pointed tips, and the arms should long and curved in.

Step 4.

Draw out the chest by adding the nipples, and sunken in rig cage, followed by the tattered loin cloth. Draw in the inner thigh lines like so, then proceed to step five.

Step 5.

Draw out the two legs, then the rounded flat feet. Sketch in the detailing to form the knee, then add the toe lines. Erase the mistakes when you are done.

Step 6.

Here you have a finished drawing of the Halloween ghoul. Color it in and call it a wrap.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 12, 2012
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Description: Keeping on with the Halloween related stuff, I will be showing you "how to draw a ghoul for kids", step by step. I have to be honest, I don't really like how the ghoul came out. I don't know if it's because it looks too much like a cave monster, or because it isn't "ghoulish" enough for me. When I think of ghouls I think of goblin like creatures mixed with a ghost. I guess you can kind of see the ghoulishness in this character drawing I made, but if you can't, maybe you guys can tweak the ghoul and create something way better using this design as your base. You can use the body position, just change what you don't like. Upload what you have done so I can check out everyones Halloween side. Have fun people, and let your imaginations run free!