How to Draw a Dinosaur Egg

Artist: Dawn / June 10, 2013

Step 1.

Make the shape of the egg, then move to step two.

Step 2.

Next, draw in the cracks and chunks missing from the egg shell, then draw in the spots on the eggs.

Step 3.

From the cracked holes on the dinosaur egg, begin drawing the baby dinosaur's legs and feet. Sketch in the detailing to the knees and ankles.

Step 4.

The egg is all done. All you have to do now is sketch in all the foliage surrounding the egg as well as the spurts of grass coming from the ground. Once you are done with that, you can begin erasing your mistakes.

Step 5.

The egg is drawn and it is also shaded in. You will begin your shading process by first covering the whole area of the egg, then color in the spots solid.

Step 6.

You will now begin to add some shading to the legs until they too are covered with a base. Notice how there is some texture with the shading process.

Step 7.

It is now time to work on getting the leaves, plants, and or grass shaded in. Don't use a heavy handed stroke when adding the base shading for the foliage. Instead lighten things up a bit to contrast from the egg and dinosaur limbs.

Step 8.

Next up, we will begin to shade in the background for the egg drawing. Notice how the background is softened by smudging the penciling that was done. Also soften some other areas of your dinosaur egg.

Step 9.

This is how the dinosaur egg looks when all is done. I'm pretty sure you guys enjoyed tackling this lesson since it was on something that people love.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: So I finished uploading all the lessons on some popular faces from either television, movies or internet. From now on I will be uploading tutorials based on game characters, animals, and animated series figures. Let's get started with learning "how to draw a dinosaur egg", step by step. Now because I have always loved dinosaurs, I wanted my egg to be a bit more personable. That is why I chose to make a sketched version of a dinosaur egg. These reptilian eggs were almost always patterned with spots, specs, or some other type of surface texture. The great thing about drawing a dinosaur egg is how you can choose to add any type of design you want your dinosaur egg to have. The important thing is, you will have fun with this tutorial so get started. I will be back soon folks.