How to Draw a Cute Bunny


So first we need to draw two lines, straight up, to make the start of the bunny's ears. Then make a curve for the top of the bunny's head. Make the shape of the ears, and this step is done.


This bunny isn't ging to have 'whiskers', exactly, but little 'tufts'. the head will look kind of... square-ish.


Now for facial features! This is a really fun bit, because you can go mad. I'm opting for a pair of simple manga eyes and a little button nose, but you can do whatever you like! I've also put details on the ears.


Now for the body. This can be a bit tricky, so do it lightly in pencil first. This bunny has a little tuft of fur on its chest. You don't have to add this in, but I like it.


You're almost done now, nice work! All you need to do now is draw whatever background you like, and his little puffy tail. Congratz, you're done! Hope you enjoyed drawig this cute bunny.

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June 3, 2012

Description: Every girl, at some stage, will want to learn how to draw a cute bunny for some reason or another. So, here's one!

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