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How to Draw a Crystal

Artist: Dawn / October 27, 2010
How to Draw a Crystal

Step 1.

Start by drawing two simple lines that will end up looking like a cross.

Step 2.

Now draw out the diamond like shape completely like you see here. Simple as that!

Step 3.

Now add the lining that will give your crystal a pop out, or 3-d effect. Erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one.

Step 4.

Here is what your drawing looks like when you are all done. I hope you enjoyed learning how to draw a crystal.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 27, 2010
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Description: Well guys, for my last lesson of the day, I will be showing you all "how to draw a crystal", step by step. I wanted to draw this object out because it is the only matter that is actually worth drawing. I mean think about it, there is a lot of things that we fantasy tards love that contain crystals. For example, magicians’ staffs have crystals on the top of the staffs, objects like a crystal ball are intriguing because fortune tellers use them to gaze upon to tell us what’s going to happen, and crystals are also used for glassware like wine glasses, campaign glasses, vases, paper weights, and all other kinds of objects. All this stuff sounds beautiful and dandy, but did you ever wonder what is a crystal anyway? After some online research I found out that a crystal is made of atoms, and what are atoms made of? Right, protons, neutrons, and electrons. When something is crystalline, the atoms or the ions are arranged in a way to form a crystal. There are many shapes that a crystal will take on once it is formed. There is six different crystal systems and they are as follows; cubic, hexagonal, tetragonal, orthorhombic, monoclinic, and triclinic. The tutorial you are going to follow is a shape that I created, and don’t ask me if there are actual crystals that look like the one in the thumbnail. I wanted to draw a shape that is recognizable to other people, and I wanted to create a shape that you can actually use for an object. In general I think you will find this lesson on “how to draw a crystal” easy, fun, and if anything else, interesting. I hope to see you guys back here tomorrow to see what else I have in store for all of you. In the meantime, have fun, and enjoy the rest of your drawing day.