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How to draw a cool eye

Artist: Razzia2 / September 28, 2015
How to draw a cool eye

Step 1.

So first make a simple out line of the eye. I used a 4H pencil I recommend using a lighter pencil so mistakes can be easily erased.

Step 2.

Next put in the buildings and I would still stick to a 4H pencil

Step 3.

Now we are going to shade in the pupil but leave a moon crest shape blank for this I would use a 6B or a 8b pencil so the pupil will be easier to smudge layer on and it will look nice and dark (Sorry about the pencil in the picture)

Step 4.

Now take a Q-tip or some toilet paper or even a Kleenex to smudge the pupil and then after your done smudging it take whatever your using and draw an out line on the iris then smudge that then lightly smudge the inside of the iris. And draw some wind   

Step 5.

Now make an even darker outline on the iris with a 6B and now take whatever you were smudging with and smudge out. Then take a 4H pencil and create some texture In between the pupil and the irises outline.

Step 6.

Now draw the bottom lashes with a 6B pencil.

Step 7.

Now add the top lashes with a 6B pencil

Step 8.

And we're done! Hope you liked it please comment below! :)

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Artist: Razzia2
Date Added: September 28, 2015
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Description: Hi guys I'm Razzia2 you probably haven't heard of me before that's because this is my first tutorial I really hope you like this I work really hard. But anyway I do take requests and if you do request I will assure that you will get your picture.