How to Draw a Coat

Artist: Dawn / November 26, 2010

Step 1.

There are different type of coat sleeves that can be used to create a unique type of jacket. 1. Is a basic cuffed sleeve that makes the coat seem thick and fluffed. 2. I just a straight sleeve that works best for thin fabrics. 3. Is a buttoned sleeve   

Step 2.

There are different types of buttons to stylize your coat with. Look at 1, 2, and 3 to see the different patterns that will create nice styles for your clothing.

Step 3.

Here are various styles of coating you could use for your characters. Take note that coats can be large, small, fluffy, thin, long, and much more. Experiment and see what you result with.

Step 4.

Here is a detailed view of a coat hoodie. 1. Since a hoodie is made up a fabric, there should be thick visible wrinkles. This rule should only apply to areas that seem to have a working force/pressure. 2. There are diverse edges that accompany a hood   

Step 5.

Begin by making a circle for the models head and then draw out the guidelines for the frame of the upper body like so.

Step 6.

You will now sketch out the shape of the face and draw in the beginning parts of the eyes and nose like you see here. When that is all done you can go ahead and draw the neck, and then the shoulders arms or sleeves and right side of the torso which s   

Step 7.

Finish drawing the eyes, and then draw the mouth. Add an ear, and then sketch out her hair. I drew a model with long straight hair and bangs, but you can make her hair short, curly, wavy, or what have you. Next, you will then sketch out the puffy sha   

Step 8.

Now all you have to do is draw the bottom of the coat and then draw the right puffy cuff on the sleeve and some buttons that fall all the way down the center of the coat. Add some more detailing or definition, and then you can begin erasing the lines   

Step 9.

Look how nice your new coat came out. Now you can add a shade to color in your newly drawn clothing out with. I chose brown, but you can choose any shade you wish.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 26, 2010
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Description: Here's the deal, I was looking through all my tutorials that I have uploaded presently and in the past, and I noticed there is a lot of lessons on clothes for both anime and regular people. Even though I have some clothing tutorials, I don't see a lesson anywhere that teaches you "how to draw a coat", step by step. Now since winter or the cold season is here, I thought it would be fun to draw a coat so that we can make our character creations fit the current weather trends. I didn't want to make a coat that was too extravagant or hard so all I did was try and create a coat that was easy enough for everyone to draw. I think I may have conquered this feat, although I have to say there is some tricky steps as well. It took me about an hour to sketch out the coat and to make things easier for you guys, I've included some helpful tips and diagrams that will make it that much easier for you guys to learn "how to draw a coat" for your next character. Obviously I know that I dressed a female with a coat, but up next is going to be a tutorial that will help all you artists that want to make your male characters look warm too. This way here you can draw a couple out walking in a winter wonderland. Well that does it for this description. I just want to say one thing, when you are making a coat be sure to add some of your own personal tweaks because as you know everybody has different tastes when it comes to style. Peace out people and have a happy Thanksgiving.