How To Draw A Chobit from Chobits

Artist: ChibiGirl10 / November 10, 2013

Step 1.

What we'll be drawing first is the outline of the chobit. Later, we will get into the details. Draw the guidelines for the top half of the chobit. This includes her head, torso, and hip. I divided the guideline part since you might get confused.

Step 2.

Draw her face, the top of her head, and her arms. Also include her little cow-like ear and details around it. One of her arms, if you look back at the top picture, is covered by her leg therefore you don't need to draw the full arm. Also start drawin   

Step 3.

Finish up the top of her hair. Also draw the rest of her body up until the start of her leg.

Step 4.

I suggest now is the time you should erase the guidelines now. If you look at the next step and see the guidelines and think you can draw it without getting confused, go for it. I wont stop you.

Step 5.

Here are the new guidelines for her legs.

Step 6.

Draw in her legs.

Step 7.

Erase the guidelines if you want to. Draw the little 01 on her arm with the design around it. You should also draw the details in her hair, they don't have to be perfect. This is the outline of the chobit's body.

Step 8.

Draw the details of the upper half of her body. Include the "HOBIT" on her leg. (If you don't know, which you probably already will, her arm is covering a "C" therefore spelling "CHOBIT".)

Step 9.

Draw the details of her legs. Not sure what else to say but look at the picture. Also draw the details of her fingers on her arm.

Step 10.

Draw the wires coming out of the chobit's back.

Step 11.

If you kept the guidelines, this is what it might have looked like. That's why I split up the guidelines. Now, you might want to erase the guidelines for the next part.

Step 12.

Now for the annoying part: draw the wires all around her.

Step 13.

I darkened the wires a little bit. The way I shaded this in digitally was I chose a base gray color that was appropriate for each part of her body and shaded it in. I then chose the "Burn" tool to do the shading. I shaded in the parts I believed need   

Step 14.

If you want, you can add in a little background. I decided to do a little "glowy" effect around her body ;) Even if you don't, I hope you like your chobit! (PLEASE NO SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS FOR THE SAKE OF THE PEOPLE WHO HAVEN'T SEEN THE ANIME. ARI   

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Artist: ChibiGirl10
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Description: Wow, I haven't made a tut in a while... I just finished watching this anime called Chobits, and it was AMAZING. I even got my cousin into it XD Anyway, for the sake of people seeing this tutorial, PLEASE DO NOT TELL WHO THIS CHOBIT IS IN THE COMMENTS. THANK YOU. :)