How To Draw Chocolat from Yumeiro Patissiere

Artist: ChibiGirl10 / December 22, 2013

Step 1.

As in all tutorials about chibi and anime (or practically anything), draw the guidelines! :)

Step 2.

Next, draw the details of her hair and the bottom part of her dress.

Step 3.

After that, draw the top details of her dress!

Step 4.

Once you're done with that, draw Chocolat's cute chibi face.

Step 5.

Now draw in her wings!

Step 6.

Finally, erase the guidelines and it should look something like this.

Step 7.

Color her in!

Step 8.

Add a background and then you're finished! Yay! :D

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Artist: ChibiGirl10
Date Added: December 22, 2013
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Tags: draw yumeiro patissiere, how to draw sweets spirits
Description: Yay! Another tut! :D I recently became obsessed with this anime called Yumeiro Patissiere, which is like this cooking anime where a girl named Amano Ichigo aims to become a patissiere like her grandma, who was a famous one, and went to study cooking stuff at a boarding school called St. Marie academy. At that academy, there's like these Sweets Spirits things that help their chosen partners out with their cooking skills. Kashino Makoto, Ichigo's friend and group mate in Group A in their class, has a Sweets Spirit named Chocolat. He specializes in making chocolates, and Chocolat helps him out with his chocolate making skills. She can be strict and mean to Ichigo sometimes, but she is also a good group mate. :) Hope You Like It! :)