How to Draw a Catfish

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To start, draw the basic guidelines and shapes for your catfish starting with an egg shape for the head. Add the facial guidelines and then draw the shape for the catfish's body. Drawing a catfish in this pose should be relatively easy. Lastly, draw    


Now because the catfish has such a distinctive face, drawing a catfish should be a bit more challenging than a regular fish. You will start by sketching out the shape of the mouth and head. Next, continue to draw the back and then sketch out the dors   


Continue to sketch out the whiskers on the left side of the catfish's face. When that is done you can then draw the four fins. Before you leave this step add some detailing lines on the fins to convey the texture. Next draw a belly line which separat   


For your last drawing step you will finish sketching out the shape of the catfish's body as you see here and then continue to draw and define the anal fin. Lastly, draw the tail fin as you see it here and also add detailing to the catfish fin as well   


Now that you are done learning "how to draw a catfish", you can now color in this animal using any shade you wish. I did have fun and be sure to join me next time for another eye popping lesson.

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December 9, 2009

Description: Fish are interesting animals mainly because they live in the water. Some of the most prettiest fish live right in our freshwater lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams. One fish I can think of that is well recognized across the world is the catfish. This tutorial is going to give you an easy to follow lesson on “how to draw a catfish step by step”. Catfish are from a group of fish called “ray-finned fish”. The catfish get it's unique domesticated name because of the long whisker like strands that fall from the sides of it's face. These whiskers are actually called “barbels”. Unlike most freshwater fish the catfish come in a variety of sizes with the biggest being the “Mekong giant catfish” from the freshwater's of Mekong in Southeast Asia. These extraordinary catfish reach sizes of up to almost ten feet long and weighing over six hundred fifty pounds. Now THAT, is a big fish. The catfish where I'm located at are much, much smaller and they are darker in color too. Catfish here are called “channel catfish” and they are one the most popular fish of North America, making them one of the most fished fishes in the U.S. I can remember swimming in a reservoir years ago, and in a certain part of the water there was a school of catfish just swimming around waiting to be caught. They kept themselves away from swimmers of course which is probably why they where on one side of the water. I think that catfish are interesting looking animals, and drawing catfish is pretty cool too. When it comes to picking a fish to draw, the catfish is on my list. I am trying to balance out the types of drawing lessons I submit so that everyone sees a tutorial they like. Of course I know drawing fish is not your cup of tea for some of you, but all in all you at least get to learn something new about a species of fish that you didn't know before. Oh yeah, another popular thing that people do with catfish is cook them up and eat them. Frying catfish is something that a lot of people in the south do, and baking catfish is a common way to cook these fish in the north. This is one fish that I have never eaten yet, but I;m sure I will someday. I have to swim out of here for now but I will return with the current. While you wait to see what I upload next, try out this tutorial on “how to draw a catfish step by step”. Peace peeps and happy fish drawing!

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