How to Draw a Bird


For this drawing we will only be using HB, 2B, 6B, and 5H. Also we need a blending stump, if you dont have one you can use a tissue or a napkin.


You can take a regular pencil or the 5H to lightly sketch the outline of the bird.


After sketching the first outline do the same for this outline. Here you can see the form of the bird.


Take your 6B Graphite pencil draw the first half of the bird. While we draw this, we will be outlining the bird with the 6B pencil.


As like before take your 6B pencil and draw the outline of the wings like shown in the picture.


Take your 2B pencil and color in the bird like shown in the picture. The white part of his head can be colored in also if wanted. Also when coloring in don't color it fully because the blending stump or tissue will fill it in and even out the pencil.   


Take your 5H pencil to color the birds back. Don't forget to even all the colors in with your blending stump.


Use your 2B pencil to color in the rest of your birds wing. If it looks to dark lightly tap an eraser on it then blend it in with the Blenging stump.


Use your 5H pencil to color in the belly of the bird and blend it in. Make the outer part of his stomach lighter.


The last step is to color in the legs with your HB pencil. Once done with the picture erase any unwanted stuff or any mistakes. I heard if you spray pictures with hairspray it wont smudge so you can try that if wanted. Hope you liked it.....This was    

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January 24, 2014

Description: This is a tutorial on how to draw a bird. This is also my first tutorial so I hope you guys like it....ENJOY!!!

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