How to Draw a Banana

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This is a very easy lesson. You will learn how to draw a banana, and then you will turn your fruit into a chibi banana. Start with a long arched line and then add the facial guidelines.


Now draw out the actual shape of the banana as you see here and draw the stem shape as well.


Now that you drew a banana you can turn it into a chibi fruit. Using the guidelines you drew in step one you can now draw the shapes of the eyes and eyebrows. You will then color in the eyes leaving three void spots for the glare effect. Draw the mou   


Here it is your finished drawing of a chibi fruit. See how incredibly simple that was? I did enjoy doing this lesson on "how to draw a chibi banana step by step with you all. I look forward to drawing with you again.

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September 10, 2009

Description: Everybody loves the chibi fruit that I have been submitting and so I decided to upload one chibi fruit everyday or every other day. Today I will be submitting a lesson on “how to draw a chibi banana step by step”. Bananas are a very firm creamy fruits that is great when they are dipped in chocolate, or served with ice cream. They come in all different sizes and shapes as well as colors. When a banana is first picked they are green. Then they sit for a while before they turn a nice bright yellow. After that they start losing their luster and begin aging forming brown spots. When a banana has dark brown patches on the skin, you can be sure that it has been sitting too long. But wait there is something inside! If you peel back the skin of a brown banana and expose the core, your mouth will thank you for eating something so delicious and sweet. You see, although people like to eat a nice rip yellow banana, when they are browned they are at it’s sweetest stage. That is why I chose to do a lesson on a chibi banana because the fruit is already sweet, so why not make a tutorial that shows how sweet they are. Have fun guys with this lesson on “how to draw a chibi banana step by step". I will be back with four more drawing lessons so try and stay tuned in to see what’s next. I will also catch you guys here live later on today. Peace out and happy drawing!

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