How to Draw Figures

Artist: Dawn / October 7, 2009

Step 1.

This first step talks about the basic shapes and frames of the human figure. As you can see the first figure is always drawn to end up looking like a mannequin. One starts off with a head shape and then moves down the body slowly drawing out the tors   

Step 2.

This is not really a drawing step, but more like an explanation and informative information on the bodies line of motion. As you can see each and every body figure here is drawing with the guidelines called "lines of motion". Line of motion is what t   

Step 3.

This is a complete image of random sketches of human figures that I drew yesterday. The total tutorial time took me five hours to complete and I think you can imagine why. There are six female figures that you can examine and look at and there is two   

Step 4.

To start this tutorial lesson on how to draw body figures, draw a circle for the head shape. There will be no facial guidelines because the figure is a pose from the back. Next draw the body's line of motion which is the back line. Next draw the shou   

Step 5.

Now you will start sketching out the shape and contour of the female arm that you see here and when that task is done you can start sketching out the shape of her neck and then the back of her head which is just her hair tied up in a bun. Make sure t   

Step 6.

Here you will sketch out the shape of her torso that is only slightly visible from the side as you see here. The shape of her breast needs to be sketched out very softly and then the shape and arch of her back. As you can see the shoulder bone is als   

Step 7.

Here you will sketch out the rest of this pose that you just drew. All you have to do is draw the front of her body and then her buttocks and the back of her thighs. Once that is complete you can erase the guidelines and you will end up with the body   

Step 8.

This is another female body figure that you will learn how to draw. again start with a circle for the head and then draw the lines of motion for the body as you see here.

Step 9.

Sketch out the shape of the female face and then sketch in the hair line in the front of her face. Next sketch out the shape of her hair style and then begin drawing the shape of her upper body starting with the neck, shoulders and then draw out her    

Step 10.

Since your female body figure is in a sitting position, you will be drawing her legs folded. But first sketch out the collar bones, and then draw the shape of her figure which like an hour glass. Next draw the shape of her left breast that is hidden    

Step 11.

Add more lining for the bin in her hair and then draw out the sketch of her left hand that is placed on her knee. Once that is done you will finish off this drawing by sketching out the shape of her legs, and feet the way you see them drawn here. Era   

Step 12.

This is the finished rough sketch of the female body. Learning how to pose is hard as a model, learning how to draw a pose is even harder.

Step 13.

This is the last figure you will be getting a lesson on in this tutorial. Start with a circle for the head and then add the facial guidelines. Next sketch out the shape of the full body's lines of motion as you see here.

Step 14.

You will next sketch out the shape of the human figures face and then sketch the hair line and mouth. That is all you have to do in this step.

Step 15.

As you see here you will start sketching out the long wavy hair style first and then draw in her eyes. Next sketch out her shoulders, and then draw the shape of her breast as drawn for you here. That is all you need to do in this step.

Step 16.

You are almost done with this lesson on "how to draw human figures step by step". What you need to do now is sketch out the right arm and shoulder and then finish the shape of her torso and or waist. next sketch out her thighs as you see here and mov   

Step 17.

All you have to do here is draw out the rest of her leg shapes as you see here and then draw out her feet. Once that is complete you will erase all the gudielines and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 18.

Here is what your body figure looks like when you are done sketching her out. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial that taught you "how to draw body figures step by step".

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Today is a new day and with new days comes new tutorials. I will start the day off by giving you guys a really nice lesson on "how to draw figures", step by step. I have a few tutorials on anime and manga body figures. The main reason why I chose to draw these female figures is because I thought that it would only make sense to draw the human body. We as people are not anime or manga creations, so how are we supposed to learn how to draw out our own bodies from those tutorials. Anyway there is several different body poses that you can learn from and replicate. I know that when you first start this tutorial it may be a bit complex for the novice artist. If you take your time and follow the detailed instructions that is included with each and every step, you should be able to draw poses with ease. One of my favorite body figures is the back portrait with the woman’s arm raised, and wrapped around the top of her head. It almost looks like a soft beautiful pose of the female body figure. I have been getting really good with drawing figures and I guess you can say that I am sort of exploring my new and improved talent. I know the sketches are not perfect, but they are pretty darn good compared to the way I used to draw. No matter what pose you choose to draw from, you will most definitely learn something new from this tutorial on “how to draw body figures step by step”. I still have three more very cool lessons coming your way, so try and stay tuned in for those as well. Another thing, I will be joining you live a little bit later tonight because I am working on some new stuff for the site. I will most definitely be going live today so don’t worry about that. In the mean time while you wait, try this lesson on for size. I hope you have fun and remember take your time, be patient, and in time you will sketch out the perfect body pose. Peace peeps!