How to Draw a 3-D Letter

Artist: AnArmA / December 23, 2010

Step 1.

start wid a basic letter. don't just copy me. u can always try your own.

Step 2.

now draw a horizontal line. there's a li'l theory here. this line is called horizon. horizon is parallel with our eye level.. that dot there, well, that's the focus centre of our eye.. well that's enough for the theory..

Step 3.

now, from the extreme parts of our 'alphabet', draw lines to that point. just to show you, i draw those lines, even through the alphabet. don't worry.. we've our mightiest friend with us.. all hail 'the eraser'..

Step 4.

we are already seeing the depth in place here.. now just, choose what level of depth u want, n mark that.

Step 5.

after, u are done with the markings, erase the unwanted lines.. n we are done.. don't just limit with it. try different point placements(for fun, try putting one outside your paper, n draw it with just eyeballing it). u can always use a t-square to d   

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Artist: AnArmA
Date Added: December 23, 2010
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Tags: draw graffiti, draw graffiti letters, how to draw letters
Description: Hello my fellow artists.. how's everyone... In this tut, we'll take the use of perspective to create an alphabet, holding some illusion of depth in it.. so let's begin.. you'll understand on the path what i mean... happy learning...