How to Draw a 2013 Cadillac ELR, 2013 Cadillac ELR

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Here you will start with an odd shape the sort of looks like a stretched out eye.


Using that one shape you drew as your guide, slowly begin drawing out the actual shell of the Cadillac's body frame. Make sure that the wheel wells are drawn in neatly, and when you're done, move to step three.


You will now draw in the stripes or windshield and window frame around the driver side of the car. This should be an aero type of design because this is how the ELR is designed. Draw the side mirror, and then make sure that you draw window molding on   


Continue on and draw the seam lines for the hood, and then draw in the front grille which is wide, and the lining is sort of thick. The emblem goes in the middle and if you would like to sketch out the actual Cadillac symbol, go right ahead. Next, dr   


Okay guys you are real close to finishing off this tutorial. You will draw out the front fender vents which is located under the grille. Once those are drawn in, you can start the seam work for the door, fender, and along the running boards. Draw the   


For your last drawing step all you need to do is draw the tires or wheels, and then take your time as you draw in the very nice factory issued rims on your new Cadillac ELR. Clean up the drawing when you are done, and that's all she wrote.


Here is the line art for your new 2013 Cadillac ELR. Color in your new car any shade you like, I personally like the smoke grey to go with all that shiny chrome.

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January 24, 2012

Description: I just had to go ahead and submit this lesson on another car that is going to make a lot of noise when it is released at the dealerships. It is a Cadillac like you have never seen, and in my opinion, it is probably the nicest looking Cadillac that they have released in a long, long time. Today I will be showing you "how to draw a 2013 Cadillac ELR", step by step. The new car has a sleek, elegant design followed by a luxury detailed interior. The great thing about this car that folks may find impressive is how the ELR will be offering the electric charge option. This means that you can drive to work, a friend’s house, or to the grocery store using a charge. The Cadillac ELR will allow you to drive up to forty miles per hour when using the electric driving mode. These types of vehicles are called ‘plug in hybrids’. I really wish I had the money to buy this car because I think it is truly a beautiful piece of art that has a stylish design and extraordinary luxury appeal. The tutorial itself will be pretty easy I think to follow, there are some things I left out to keep things simple, and that is the emblem on the front grille. You can draw the Cadillac emblem if you want, I didn’t want to make the tutorial too complicated for folks. I mean, you know how intricate the Caddy emblem can be when you draw it on the front grille. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this lesson on drawing a 2013 Cadillac ELR. I will return later perhaps with more drawing fun so be sure to come back around. Adios people!

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