How to Draw Foxes

Artist: makangeni / September 2, 2013

Step 1.

Start the head of the fox with a circle, two large triangles for the ears, two circles for the eyes, guide line for the muzzle and a small circle for the nose.

Step 2.

Draw the relatively large eyes, mouth and chin. Notice how thin is the muzzle of the fox compared to the muzzle of other larger canines.

Step 3.

Draw the small nose with the two nostrils and add the large triangular ears.

Step 4.

Now add long fur inside the ears and draw the outline of the head.

Step 5.

Add fur details, pupils, whiskers and the black markings that foxes have on their muzzle. Remember that foxes have vertically oriented pupils.

Step 6.

Work a little more on you drawing and you should have something similiar to this.

Step 7.

Now let's draw a full body fox. They have an elongated body, short limbs and a long tail.

Step 8.

When the guide lines are done, draw the eye, the forehead, the upper part of the muzzle and the small nose.

Step 9.

Draw mouth, chin, ears with details inside them, and fur on the cheek.

Step 10.

Draw neck and shoulders. The fur on the neck is quite long.

Step 11.

Draw the fore legs and the fore paws (five toes). I've split this step into three to make it easier to follow.

Step 12.

Finish the body and draw the hind leg and the hind paw (four toes).

Step 13.

Add the second hind leg and draw the long and thick tail.

Step 14.

Add details to the whole figure.

Step 15.

Here the finished fox!

Step 16.

Now we'll draw a jumping fox. This is the pose we usually see when the fox is hunting small animals in the snow.

Step 17.

Draw the eyes, part of the forehead and the upper part of the muzzle with the nose.

Step 18.

Finish the head, then draw the ears and fur on the cheek.

Step 19.

Draw neck, shoulders, fore legs and fore paws.

Step 20.

Finish the body and draw the hind leg.

Step 21.

Add the other leg and the tail.

Step 22.

Now add details to the fox and you're done!

Step 23.

Here the finished jumping fox. I hope you liked this tutorial!

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