Easy Elf Drawing Lesson

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Since this is a simple lesson, I won't include guides. Instead we will draw the profile of a face like you see here.


Up next, we will draw in the pretty eyes and then her nicely shaped eyebrow. Add some color to the eyebrow and then draw in the lips and nostril.


We will now have some fun as we begin sketching out the elf's long wavy hair. Notice that she has feathers in her hair scattered in different areas. Once her hair is drawn in and detailed, you can draw the elf style ear and be sure to add detailing t   


Lastly, draw the shoulder and the leaf style top. Notice that leaves are in layers and is being held up by a pendent like strap. Add the last bit of detailing to her hair at the ends and you are ready to erase your mistakes.


This is the line art when finished. All you have to do now is chose a color pallet. I hope you had fun folks.

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November 19, 2015

Description: Remember when I said I wanted to revamp some of my old lessons that I made back when the site first started? Well, one of the tuts I have in the Elves category is actually one of my favorite elves I have ever drawn and that is the shadow elf. Here is my take on an easy way to draw an elf, but this one is so much better than the one I did back in 2006. I love the way she came out. Her face, hair and style is exactly what I was going for. Of course you can add or subtract things that you want to see in the lesson or take away from the concept. Since this elf is being drawn from a side profile, I know it will be a whole lot easier to tackle even if you are just a novice artist. So go ahead and get busy.

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