Drawing a Gothic Elf

Artist: Dawn / November 24, 2015

Step 1.

Let us begin by simply making the head and shoulder guidelines.

Step 2.

Use the guides you made to draw in the Gothic Elf's face shape or profile and then draw in the hairline along with the curl that cups her face.

Step 3.

We will draw in the thick style eyes. These eyes should have long lashes. Once that is done you can draw in the eyebrows, lips and nostril.

Step 4.

Whenever I draw hair on any female character, it's always my favorite part of the lesson. We will shape the head and draw the long, puffy hair. The strands should look thick and layered. When you're done with that draw in her neck and chocker she is    

Step 5.

We will finish this Gothic elf by drawing her upper body. Begin with a shoulder, arm and corsette top line. Add the netting down the arm for fishnet arm sock and add the buckle on her chocker. Erase the mistakes and guides, then you're done.

Step 6.

Here is the line art folks. Now you can color in your Gothic elf to look like anything you like.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 24, 2015
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Description: Okay folks I have a lesson for you that is going to be pretty cool. I tried to make a redo of the original concept that I have done a very long time ago, but with this version I mitted the whole body and just made it as simple as possible. So here is an easy gothic elf drawing lesson that you can have fun with while customizing it at the same time. I just really wanted to keep the concept as easy as possible so every artist can enjoy drawing this Gothic elf.