How To Draw A Gothic Elf Girl

Artist: Dawn / June 25, 2008

Step 1.

Start this first step with the drawing of her head first. Start with an oval circle and then sketch in facial guidelines. Next draw out the lining for her shoulders and the shape of her dress. Now from those shapes draw out the guidelines and shapes    

Step 2.

Here you will start working on her face. What you need to do is sketch in her hair outlines and used a nice stroke to get that hair effect. Now draw out her pointed elven ear and then the collar line of her dress. Shape up her arms make them nice and   

Step 3.

What you first want to do here is start sketching in her hair detail. Be sure to define the style of her hair. Take your time there is no rush. Now sketch out her collar bone, neck choker, arm bands for the fish arm socks and then start sketching in    

Step 4.

As you see this is the last part of the tutorial. What you want to do first is erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one. Then draw in the lines for the fish net arm socks and the lines. Now draw the lines for the dress and shade    

Step 5.

This is what your Gothic elf girl should look like when you are done. You can color her in any color you want to depending on your preference. That will end this tutorial on how to draw a Gothic Elf Girl step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 25, 2008
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Description: In this dark gloomy tutorial I will be showing you how to draw a Gothic elf girl. I guess you may know by now I’m some what of a Gothic chic myself. Yeah it’s true I like Marilyn Manson, and all those crazy sounding bands. But I also enjoy classical, classic rock and roll, hard rock heavy metal, head banging metal and even some oldies from the 60’s. Being a Goth to me is like expressing my artistic side. Even though wearing all black with the occasional pink and red hidden in the mix some what seems gloomy, I see black as an open window of endless possibilities. I never like to have a limit on what I can accomplish in life with my goals and dreams. I really do enjoy drawing for people that don’t know how to draw yet or just need a little work. I have been drawing since I was very, very young, and to me drawing, painting, and sketching helps me escape to another world that I can conjure up without leaving home. I guess you could also say that I’m a home body. I mean yeah, I like going out and enjoying myself with my very few friends by going to the mall and walking around and stuff like that, but being as a whole individual is better than eating ice cream in 90 degree weather. I’m a city girl, and being in the city means being crowded and cramped and I definitely don’t like feeling like that at all. This drawing of the Gothic elf girl is based on me I guess. I mean I too have black hair combed to the side, except it’s not long and it doesn’t cover my eye. I love wearing my fish net arm bands and wearing black make-up as well. In this drawing she has hollow looking dead white eyes but yet she still has a welcoming smile. The eyes represent being a reserved individual, but the smile says “hello, I am not a gloomy person with horrible issues”. She is also wearing striped leggings that are cut off at the ankle with my favorite color nail polish, black. I love the way I did her dress too I think it looks so nice and ruffled. Well in this tutorial you will learn how to draw a Gothic Elf girl step by step with easy to read instructions. I hope you have fun and be creative color her your colors if you like.