Drawing Brook from One Piece

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Begin with a circle for Brook's head guide, then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Using the circle sketch out the facial structure of his head/face. You will be drawing a skull so be sure the uneven lining is drawn properly.


You will now draw the long shape of the lower jaw, then draw in the top row of long shaped teeth.


Now you can start drawing the eyes, nasal cavity, then draw the inside lining for the mouth. When that is done you can draw the bottom row of teeth, then add detailing to the chin. Don't forget to add some cracks on the forehead.


Lastly, draw in the kinky, big puffy hairstyle like so. This should be much larger then Brook's head. Add the layered bony neck, and then draw the shirt collar. Erase whatever mistakes you made.


This is the line art. Now you can color Brook in when you are done. I hope you had fun drawing this One Piece character.

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January 11, 2017

Description: Hidy ho everyone and welcome back to another lesson on a figure from One Piece. I present to you "how to draw Brook from One Piece", step by step. This skeletal character is bony and has no skin whatsoever. Anyone who is a fan of the One Piece series knows that Brook is a musician from the Straw Hat Pirates. On top of his skeletal head he has long curly black hair that looks a lot like Slash's from GNR. He is also a swordsman, and has been associated with the Rumbar Pirates in the past. Anyways, I hope you like this tut, I will be back with more lessons so stay tuned in. Peace folks.

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