How to Draw a Chibi Luffy from One Piece

Artist: Ruby_X / July 5, 2013

Step 1.

Start off by drawing a simple circle. Doesn't have to be perfect~!

Step 2.

Secondly, draw the rest of the body template. It may look weird, but no worries~!

Step 3.

First up, draw Luffy's chin and the main fart of his face.

Step 4.

Then, draw his arm.

Step 5.

Next, draw his face ;u;.

Step 6.

Then, draw his top.

Step 7.

Now draw his other arm :3

Step 8.

Draw his trousers and the ruffles.

Step 9.

Then draw his legs and feet.

Step 10.

After drawing the main parts, draw his meat.

Step 11.

Draw the rest of his hair.

Step 12.

Next, draw his StrawHat.

Step 13.

Last but not least, draw his ear, the remaining meat & the shadows. And you've finally finished~! I hope you'll enjoy this tutorial whilst i'll be back with more~!

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Artist: Ruby_X
Date Added: July 5, 2013
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Tags: how to draw one piece characters, how to draw chibis, how to draw one piece
Description: Here I am with another Chibi Tutorial~! On how to draw a Chibi Luffy~ :3 OnePiece is by far, my most favourite Anime, with Luffy being my Favourite Character *u* ~ Sorry for my horrible straight lines, tools got glitched again ;n;