Easy Drawing of Tamaki Senpai


Start with a head guide and a facial guideline.


You will draw in Tamaki Senpai's hairstyle in a manner that would match looking at his face from the side or a profile view.


Here draw the profile of his face, then draw in the detailing to the inner part of his ear.


You can draw the eye, then add some lashes and the eyebrow. You will end this step with drawing the mouth.


Finish drawing his hair and make sure that the ends are pointed.


Add the shape of the neck, then draw the dress shirt under his jacket, then draw the flaps or collar for the jacket.


Add detailing to his neck, then draw the seam on the shoulder of his coat. Erase all mistakes and guidelines.


The finished product comes out looking like so, now color him in and show off your work.

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August 25, 2014

Description: I haven't done a character from Ouran High School Host Club in a while so here is another. I was reading some requests and was surprised that there were so many that wanted "how to draw Tamaki Senpai". He is a sly looking kid that is seen wearing white a lot. Blonde hair and a pretty face, what more can you ask for in an anime in guy form. Enjoy folks and peace out.

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