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Drawing an Ice Cream Cone

Artist: Dawn / October 6, 2020
Drawing an Ice Cream Cone

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 6, 2020
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Tags: how to draw desserts, how to draw ice cream
Description: Summer is here and I know a lot of us are experiences weather that is almost choking. I know where I live it's been very humid, hot and hazy and that is in the country. I can't even imagine what the weather must be like in the city areas. To help cool folks off, I wanted to make a lesson that will make you want to run out of your house and grab something cold to cool down your inner mind, body and soul during these hot Summer days. Here is how to draw an Ice Cream cone, step by step. As you can see this ice cream is drizzled with hot fudge, topped with a delicious heart shaped cherry and decorated with some Summer bling. I had so much fun with this lesson and I think it would make a great tattoo idea for those of you who love ice cream so much, that you would go as far as getting an image inked to prove it. Anyways, I hope you have fun. I will be back with some other great lessons for you all to learn from. Adios amigos and try to stay cool.