Draw a Warrior Wolf

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Start off by drawing the guides and shapes for your warrior wolf. The guide shape for the muzzle should also be drawn in as you see here.


Using those guides that you just made, go ahead and start drawing the actual muzzle for the wolf. Include the nose and mouth too.


This should be a simple step because all you will do is draw the long shape of the eye and then add the bold lining around the upper lid and in the inside corner. Some freckles around the mouth too should be added for the whisker holes.


I wanted this wolf to have a majestic style mane even though wolves don't have manes. That is the whole point of concept art, you can choose to add anything you want. When you draw in the hair be sure to make the lining long and flowing. I wanted thi   


Now you can go ahead and work on getting the armor drawn in. Start at the tip where the nose is located and then work your way back. Take your time so you get everything done right. This is probably the hardest step of the whole lesson so try not to    


Now for the final step. Draw in the wolf's ears and some of the fur along the cheeks and jaw. Erase the mistakes and all the guides that you might have made along the way.


That's it, you are all done. Now you can have a blast coloring in this warrior wolf and you can use any colors you like to create a style of your own.

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January 6, 2022

Description: So today I want to start out by quickly uploading this tutorial on a concept creation that I like to call how to draw a warrior wolf, step by step. I know there are warrior cats from the very popular book series, so I wanted to try and create a wolf that was also a warrior within their canine species. The overall drawing concept has this wolf wearing a form of armor over the top portion of the head and back of the neck. The eyes that are part of the armor is where the wolf takes view of his surroundings. This drawing of a warrior wolf was done while I was bored one night, and in the end it turned out into something pretty cool. I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial. I will be back with some others so don't stray too far away.

#how to draw wolves #how to draw warriors #how to draw warrior animals
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