How to Draw a Winter Wolf


Begin by drawing some guidelines and shapes for the wolf. As you can see there are three shapes and all of which will be used to create a christmas wolf.


Using the shape for the snout, begin to draw in the wolf's muzzle. He is also carrying a big grin.


You can go ahead and start the lining for the bottom part of the mouth, then draw the nose, and whisker holes.


I drew a candy cane in the wolf's mouth so if you want to leave this part out you can, but if you don't, start drawing the cane along with the stripes.


We will work on getting the fluffy cheek sketched out and then the fury neck. The chin or lower jaw needs to be added as well. Sketch in detailing where you need to.


Complete the wolf by drawing the ears and the trim part of the santa hat that this canine is wearing. Also draw in the kind, friendly eyes, then give some definition to his coat and face by adding markings and chin whiskers.


For the last step all you have to do is complete the santa hat. Add the tassel ball at the tip of the hat and begin erasing your mistakes.


Now you have a fun winter wolf to color in and decorate your house with. Be sure to show folks what you have just created all by yourself.

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February 1, 2023

Description: Welcome back to another lesson. Even though Christmas has gone and passed, winter still lingers on. I wanted to keep the winter theme going until we get into some warmer weather which won't arrive for me until late April. So, because of that here is how to draw a winter wolf, step by step. If you are wondering why this wolf looks so much like Charlie from All Dogs Go to Heaven, that's because I wanted to make a friendly and familiar character that most would recognize. I hope you like the tutorial. Also, Don't hesitate to upload your own drawing lessons as I would love to see some new stuff from other artists hit the front page.

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