Draw a Jellyfish

1 drawing the guidelines

Just draw a simple circle in this guide step.

2 drawing the shape of the head

Before we get started on the face, we have to add some swirl like shapes which will give this jellyfish some character and detail. Once those swirls are all drawn in, you can add the rippled tuft around the neck or base of the jellyfish head.

3 drawing the face

Now we will get started on the face. Begin with the cute eyes and then the marks on the sides of each eye that stretch down to almost the bottom of the face. When that is done add a simple smile.

4 drawing the tentacles

We will get started with drawing the tentacles which are the jellyfish's arms or limbs.

5 more tentacles

Yup, just like the title says, draw another tentacle.

6 more tentacles

And again, draw another tentacle.

7 almost done

We will draw in the last tentacle. When that is done you can erase the mistakes and then add a bubble around the head if you want. I didn't add it in this step because I actually colored it in instead of drawing lining for it.

8 Final lineart step

That is all she wrote. Ho ahead and color in your jellyfish any color you like. Yellow, blue or green are some cute colors to try.

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October 6, 2020

Description: Hey again folks, before we get started, I just have to say that this is one of the best jellyfish drawings I have ever done. I usually don't get excited about a lot of the animals I draw in cute form, but I have to pat myself on the back with this one because it is so adorable that I want to eat it all up. So, having said that, here is what we will be doing today. I will be teaching you all how to draw a jellyfish, step by step as cute as they come. Oh my gosh, everything from the face, jelly around the head and even the background just all is my fav. I hope you can understand why I love this drawing so much, I am also very exciting to be showing you all how to draw it. So go ahead and get started, remember you can color your jellyfish any tone you like. I happen to like pink, so pink it was for me.

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