zombie panda

Artist: Simonthezombiekitty / August 3, 2013

Step 1.

outline the bear, starting with a circle for the head and a rounded triangle-like shape for the body

Step 2.

shape the face of the bear (outlined here in blue) dont forget the tears in the ears or the fluff around the face

Step 3.

now for the body. the arms reach from the neck to almost the middle of the body in a curved form. leave enough space in between if you would like your panda with an object. The missing corners of your rounded triangle are where the feet go. they shou   

Step 4.

now for the wounds. (shown in red) around the tears in the ears. cheek, close to the chin, the right arm, near the left hand, over the chest, and on the forehead,

Step 5.

now for the features. one eye splotch should be longer and more down stretched than the other (this is for the hanging eye) the other should be slightly circular with a small indent, the nose can vary from a triangle to a small heart shape, a line co   

Step 6.

(step represented in dark green) a stich line across the forehead opposite the wound the normal eye placed in the center of the circular patch and the hanging under the long patch. a bone placed in the wound on the right arm and ribs in the wound by   

Step 7.

all that is left to add are the cords to the hanging eye and the teeth, erase guidelines and color if desired. and now you have your undead fluffy friend :3

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Artist: Simonthezombiekitty
Date Added: August 3, 2013
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Description: the loveable fuzzy bear that everyone loves has come back... from the dead.. with an x-box controller