Velma, How to Draw


Go ahead and make the shapes and guidelines.


Here you will use the guides to draw out the shape of Velma's face as well as her neck. When that is done draw the two curls and then the square outline frame for the glasses.


Next, draw in her bangs and eyebrows, then draw the rest of the frame for the glasses as well as her nose.


Here you will complete the head shape or hairstyle. When you are finished with that draw out the eyes which are in a surprised or shock-expressive pose. You will also need to add the nostril lines and then her lips.


Now that her head and face is done, draw out the shirt collar for the signature sweater.


Lastly, draw in her torso starting with the shoulders and then her arms. Erase any mistakes as well as the guides you made previously in step one.


Here she is. All ready to color in. I hope you enjoyed drawing the new Velma.

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February 5, 2024

Description: Hey everyone. Welcome back to another lesson. Today I will be uploading some characters from the new Velma series that has been out for a year. I also was asked if I could do some of the characters last week, so here they are. I will start with how to draw Velma, step by step from the Velma series. I hope you like it. She was fun to draw. Don't forget to comment, like, love, fav, and SHARE!

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