How to make a Rainbow in Microsoft Paint

Artist: shadow_the_girl / April 5, 2012

Step 1.

Okay, first open up Paint. Then you click on the tab named Image and click on attributes.

Step 2.

Got it? Okay then type in for the width, 100 and height 500. Make sure that it's in Pixels and click OK.

Step 3.

Simple right? Okay, next you'll click on the line tool and draw a diagonal line at the top. Color it, let's say, red or any color. Make sure that the line connects from both side, otherwise when you go to fill it in, it'll fill in the whole picture.

Step 4.

Okay, do the exact same thing, but with a different color. I used the color orange but you can use any color you'd like.

Step 5.

And again but with a different color. Also, space them out a little unless you only want so many colors in your rainbow.

Step 6.

Wow, I sound a little repetitive don't I? Okay add as many colors as you'd like, I'll be doing a simple rainbow so I'll have about six colors :)

Step 7.

And add another color...

Step 8.

Do the last color.

Step 9.

Now the fun begins :) Okay go to the Image tab and then go down to Resize/Skew...

Step 10.

Make sure that the Horizontal is 1 and the Vertical 100. Click OK.

Step 11.

Make sure that your picture is that thin. It's hard to see a little so I circled it :)

Step 12.

Go to Image and go down to Resize/Skew...

Step 13.

Okay instead of changing the Horizontal to 1 change to 500 it only goes up to 500.

Step 14.

Do the exact same thing as in Step 13...

Step 15.

Change the Horizontal to 500... Click OK.

Step 16.

Click Image, then click Resize/Skew.

Step 17.

Same exact thing. Change the horizontal to 500.

Step 18.

Click on Image and then Resize/Skew.

Step 19.

Change the horizontal to 500... Click OK...

Step 20.

And at last! The finished piece of art. :)

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