How to Draw Vines

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This is only a five step tutorial. There is three different views or perspectives of the vine that you will learn how to draw. Start by drawing the guidelines for the vines as you see here and then draw the outlined shape of the tree stump. Once that   


The top depiction of the vine is actually a vine leaf. You will begin sketching that out as well as detail the leaf. Next begin thickening the lining and shape of the two vines that are drawn in the middle of the paper. You will then draw strands of    


Finish the vine leaf and then begin sketching in small little leafs on the twined vines you see in the middle. Add some detail and definition to add texture to the vines. You will then add detailing to the tree as you see here to show the bark of the   


For your last drawing step you will sketch in yet more tiny leaves and stems on all four vine depictions. When that is done you can erase any guidelines you may have to clean up your work and prepare the vines for color.


When you are done your tutorial on "how to draw vines step by step", should come out looking like the one you see here. Color in the plants and your done.

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November 16, 2009

Description: I think this tutorial should come in as a big help to some of you artists out there that try and draw cool plant life. My mother was outside the other day and she was fiddling with a bunch of dead vines from a framed fence where grapes used to grow. I thought it would be cool to do a lesson on "how to draw vines step by step" after I watched her pick and pull the dead pieces of thick twine like branches. It was so weird too because a member from the site asked if I could do a tutorial on vines, and I thought that was the perfect excuse to draw something so subtle and beautiful at the same time. Vines can be found almost everywhere no matter where you live in the world. You can see a growth of vines climbing up the sides of old brick buildings, and even around columns of a mansion or big house. In my case, the vines that I see are from grapes. If you live in a tropical climate, you are sure to see vines all over the jungles of rain forests, and even on a lot of the trees and foliage in swampy areas. But did you ever wonder what a vine is? Well, a vine is nothing more than a climbing plant that trails and sticks to the structures they reside on. Some different types of vines are from plants like ivy, poison ivy, morning glory, sweet pea, passion fruit, wisterias, and of course grape vines. There is obviously more plants in existence that form vines, but this is just a list of common plants that leave a trail of green where they grow. You should find this lesson helpful and beautiful. I will leave you now to this tutorial so you can teach yourself "how to draw vines". You can use these unique plants in one of your drawings. Adios people and happy drawing!

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