How to Draw Hearts

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As you can imagine this tutorial on how to draw hearts will be incredibility easy. Start with a series of circles for each heart you will be drawing. Once all the circles are drawn out you can move to the next step.


You can now start sketching out one side of each heart. Instead of typical looking hearts, I chose to draw more retro or stylish hearts that look more like the hearts that everybody else draw. For the heart with the arrow, you will draw the shaft, fl   


Here is your last drawing step and all you have to do is finish drawing the heart shapes and then draw the rest of the shaft for the arrow as well as the arrow tip. You can start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


You have just finished this tutorial on "how to draw hearts". Good job and now you can color them in! Join me next time for another fun fill online drawing lesson.

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November 16, 2009

Description: I think this next tutorial will be really fun to follow and learn from. I was thinking about how much I love drawing, and the only thing that filled my mind was a bunch of hearts fluttering around in my head. So that is what I will give you a lesson on right now, "how to draw hearts" step by step. Hearts are a sign of love, passion, and joy. When you love somebody, or something, the best way to show your affection on paper is to draw a series of hearts scattered on a sheet, board, or even on a card. I had a lot of fun drawing out the different hearts, and I even included a heart that has an arrow going through it. I can remember being in school and just doodling on my book cover. I would draw hearts, or just one big heart that had tears, rips and punctures in it to show how incredibly painful it was to sit through Social Studies or History for some of you. Don't get me wrong I do believe that all subjects are important to learn, I just hated History. If you look in the tattoo section under the pop culture category, you will find a series of different types of heart designs that I drew over time. There is even a couple in the Valentines Day section too. So if you have been looking for a neat lesson that teaches you "how to draw hearts", you don't have to look any further. I hope you enjoy this tutorial, have fun with it, and I will see you shortly with more drawing fun. Peace out and spread the love!

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