How to Draw Tires

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Let's start by drawing the tire from the front view. Begin by making the slightly arched top and bottom line to form the width of the tire. This can be as wide as you like. When that is done draw the walls, then draw in the vertical lines down the ti   


For this tire that we will be drawing, you will have to draw the rim and tire. Start by making the circle shape for the rim, then add the dimensional depth for inside the rim. Next, begin drawing the rim. You can choose any style rim you like. I went   


Lastly, let's draw the tire from the side. Start with a regular circle for the tire, then draw in the rim circle inside the tire. You will then draw the spokes for the rim formation, then draw the walls of the rim and all the detailing to make it shi   


Here is the line art on all three tire angles. I hope you found this lesson helpful folks.

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December 4, 2014

Description: I know there is a lot of people that come to Dragoart to learn how to draw cars of all shapes and sizes. Because of this I thought it would be incredibly helpful to provide a tutorial on "how to draw tires" since the wheels or ties of any vehicle is essential to drawing a car. In this tutorial the tires you will be drawing can be for an SUV, truck, car, or even all of the above. This tire drawing lesson is made up of a tire being drawn in three different angles; from the side, front and 3/4 view. All angles should be drawn because a cars tires turn left, right, straight and stay sideways. This lesson will appeal to those of you who enjoy drawing cars. So get started and when you are done be sure to try out what you've learned on a new vehicle drawing.

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