How to Draw Theodore

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Theodore is a chubby chipmunk which means you will be sketching out a very round character. Start with two circles, one for the head, and the other for the bottom half of his body. Lastly draw some guidelines for the face and body.


Now you need to start sketching out Theodore's face and head shape like you see here, and be sure to include the ears, double chin, and some fuzz on his head. When that is done need to also draw out the eyes, and smile line.


Now what you will need to do first here is sketch out the lining that separates the fur from the skin on Theodore's face. This should also include the eyebrows, eyeballs, colored pupils, and then the rest of his smile. Next, add the inner detailing f   


Now you can go ahead and begin sketching out his lower belly, and chunky looking chipmunk thigh. You will also need to draw out the foot and toes, and then draw some of his fingers on the left side. Sketch out the lining for his front pouch pocket wh   


For the last drawing step, all you need to do is sketch out his striped tail, draw out the left foot, sketch in the nails, and then draw his right hand. Add some detail and definition to the sweater, and then begin erasing the lines and shapes that y   


Here is adorable little Theodore when you are all done. Now you can color him in to add some vibrant color. I hope you had fun drawing this chipmunk member. Great work, and join me again real soon for more drawing fun.

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November 28, 2010

Description: So as you guys know, I uploaded a lesson on The Chipmunks this morning and when I was drawing out the characters yesterday, my seven year old sister said her favorite chipmunk was the cute and chubby Theodore. She asked me if I could make a tutorial where she could learn "how to draw Theodore", step by step, and she also asked if I could try and make him look like he does in the movie. Of course I was a little hesitant to make Theodore look like a CGI character creation because I was used to him looking like the cute cartoon character from the morning cartoon series that used to air on regular television. Theodore is my second best figure from the trio and it's mainly because he acts so adorable with his subtle innocence. His chubby cheeks, and big appetite gives him a lot of character that is much different from Simon's and Alvin's. Even though Alvin is obviously the leader of the pack, Theodore has a big influence on Alvin's decision making when it comes down to doing things that involves a group vote. Not only is Theodore the chunkiest, he also happens to be the shortest chipmunk as well. I love how he snuggled with Dave in the movie, and I also love how he let out a turd that Simon ate when Dave was questioning the boys. Anyways, this is a fun lesson on "how to draw Theodore". Even though he doesn't look like his cartoon form, he is still pretty awesome to sketch the way he looks in the movie. Peace out people, and don't eat too much or you will get sick, and tired of munching on goodies that make your face turn green.

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