How to Draw the Green Man, Green Man

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Begin with one single shape for the head and or face of Greenman. Next, sketch in the facial guidelines.


Using the face guides, draw in the eyes, and then draw the leaves above, and below each eye like you see here. The edging of the leaves should be rounded and leafy.


Carefully take your time as you sketch out the nose which fills in the whole middle area of the face. When that is done, draw the mustache by making two leaves. Sketch in the mouth and or lips like so, and then sketch in the detailing to the nose, an   


Green Man is not a complex face to draw because you are basically making a face out of leave shapes. Here you will begin by drawing out the beard in one wide shaped leaf. The ends should be pointed with a total of six points. Next, sketch in the fore   


You will now fill in the areas around the sides of the face like so by drawing in more leaves. The leaves should be drawn in layers on each side of the face. When this part of the lesson is done, you can continue the process by sketching in all the d   


For the last step you will sketch in two more larger, more prominent leaves on top of Greenman's head. Once that is done you will need to sketch in more detailing above the eyes, and under the eyes as well as on the two leaves you just drew. When all   


Here is your Green Man when you are all done. Now all you have to do is color him in green. I hope you had fun, because I know I did. Thanks for joining me once again folks.

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January 18, 2012

Description: So this next tutorial is going to be based on a popular figure known to lots of hippies and the like. The 'Green Man' represents the spirits of plants, foliage, and tress, or more so basically the spirit of growth and prosperity. He is a legendary deity who originated from Europe and the British Isles. This man is most commonly seen in most medieval art and church decorations. The character has a body (or commonly face) full of foliage, from leaves, branches, fruits and other green growth that you see outside every day. I had fun drawing the details of the leaves and trying to customize the face in a manor where you get the feeling of an old man within a mask of foliage. I went ahead and added a rustic – granite background to accent the ancient characteristics of this guy. You should try to draw the guidelines as accurately as possible, though it isn't necessary. Anyways, I've got to get going on my other tutorials that I know you'll love. Stay tuned and let me know your thoughts on this tutorial or if you've heard of 'the Green Man'! Peace and love!

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