How to Draw Takebe Saori from Girls und Panzer

Artist: Dawn / June 28, 2013

Step 1.

Make three odd circle shape to create the workable body frame for your new character. Sketch in the facial guidelines then proceed to step two.

Step 2.

Slowly sketch in the shape of her face, then draw in the eyes, eyebrows, and then her nose and mouth. When drawing the eyes make sure that the top lid lining is thick and bold. Add the shape of her neck, then move along.

Step 3.

Saori has pretty hair that is thick and neat looking. The ends of her hair are a bit wavy so make sure you add that feature. Draw in the long bangs that cover her forehead, then move to step four.

Step 4.

Okay so we are getting closer to the end of this lesson. You will now sketch out the shoulders, followed by the collar of her sailor style blouse. The tie around the base of the collar should also be drawn in and detailed.

Step 5.

Next, draw out the arms or sleeves, then sketch in the actual shape of her torso and hips. You will need to sketch in some detailing to the shirt as well as the sleeve.

Step 6.

Sketch out the skirt which is also ruffled and pleated. This is a simple task if you take your time.

Step 7.

Lastly, draw the legs, then sketch in the lining for her thigh high leggings. Erase your mistakes and that's it.

Step 8.

Here is Saori when completed. Now you can add some awesome coloring.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Here is another protagonist from the anime Girls und Panzer in a tutorial form. Up next we will tackle the task of learning "how to draw Saori Takebe", step by step. Saori is described as being funny and cheerful, but she is also kind of shallow because she only looks for boys that are good looking instead of your average joe. Her role in the Anglerfish Team is a radio operator which means she is the one that sends out the communications for the crew. Her light brown or caramel colored hair is full and shoulder length long, her eyes are also a light shade of brown. She also wears thigh high leggings which adds bit of a flare to her style. Anyways, you will be drawing Takebe Saori and you will also be adding another character to your Girls und Panzer drawings. Adios people and enjoy.