How to Draw Miho Nishizumi from Girls und Panzer

Artist: Dawn / June 28, 2013

Step 1.

Draw a circle for the head guide, then sketch out the torso and hip area. You will then sketch in the guidelines for the face, arms, and body.

Step 2.

Sketch in the shape of her face which is rounder than the other characters. Once that is done proceed to draw in her full bodied hairstyle which should be drawn short. Add detailing to her hair, then move along.

Step 3.

Draw the eyes, then draw the eyebrows. Add the nose and mouth, then you are ready for step four.

Step 4.

Okay, as you can see Miho's face is all done. You will now draw the shape of her neck, then begin drawing the shirt collar flaps, and undershirt.

Step 5.

Simply draw in her loose hanging tie, then add detailing to the area where the knot is on the tie.

Step 6.

Draw the arms or sleeves, then sketch out the torso and the waist area. Add wrinkling or crease lines to her clothes, then you are ready to move to step seven.

Step 7.

Okay guys, draw in her ruffled skirt, then add the pleated lines and the crease lines.

Step 8.

Draw in her legs, then erase the mistakes and guides.

Step 9.

Here is Miho now that you are all done. Color her in and that's it.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 28, 2013
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Description: I know all these girls look the same, but the truth is they are different. This is the last tutorial I will submit today on characters from Girls und Panzer. So here is "how to draw Miho Nishizumi", step by step. Now Miho is the main character from the series which means she is the most recognized. Unlike some of the other team members, Miho has short brown colored hair and a really sweet face. You would think that the leader of a group is stern and sort of demanding, but that is not the case for Miho. Instead she is kind, cheerful, and very understanding. Her job in the team is to operate the German Panzer IV tank. Drawing Miho should be pretty simple so let me shut up so you can get started. Adios people and enjoy.