How to Draw Suzuya From Tokyo Ghoul

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Make the guide for the head and body like, then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Define the shape of his face like you see here and then draw in the hairline which are bangs form fitting to the forehead and along the cheek.


We will now draw the shape of the head and as you know it's also the hairstyle.


We will now use the facial guidelines to draw out the very big eyes with the thick lining that makes up the lids. Add the marks along the hairline and then draw in the nose, mouth and marks on the face.


Draw the shape of the neck, then draw in the shirt collar which are large flaps.


Lastly, draw the shoulders, torso and the pattern on the shirt. When that is done you can erase the mistakes and guides.


Here is the line art folks. Color him in and you have another character from Tokyo Ghoul to add to the drawing collection.

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April 4, 2017

Description: Juuzou Suzuya is another character from the anime/manga Tokyo Ghoul. Today, I will be showing you all how to draw Suzuya from Tokyo Ghoul in a fun easy manner. There are not too many characters that I really find cool to draw when it comes to anime or manga, but I have to say this figure is awesome. I think it's the pale white skin, scratches on the face and the hint of blood. As for a mini bio on Suzuya, I know that he is a Special Class Ghoul investigator and has a partner named Hanbee Abara. Drawing Juuzou is going to be simple enough for anyone to follow so go ahead and get busy. I will be back later with some other fun tuts so stick around to see what they are.

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