Drawing Rize Kamishiro

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We will begin by drawing the head guide followed by the guidelines for the torso.


In this step we will just go right ahead and draw in Rize's hairstyle which is long and straight. Her thick bangs sway to the right.


define the shape of her face and then draw in the eyeglasses which are sort of square shaped. Add the eyes, nose and mouth and then draw the shape of her neck.


We will move on to drawing her upper body but in the form of her top or blouse. There is a knot on the shoulder followed by a nice zigzag pattern along the neck line. Don't forget the pleats at the bottom of the shirt as well as the bust line.


This is the last step folks. As you can see you will simply draw in the shoulder sleeves which are ruffled and then draw the arms, waist and belt. Lastly, draw the left neck line too. Erase the mistakes along with the guidelines/shapes.


Rize Kamishiro is all set to color in. I hope you enjoyed learning how to draw Rize from Tokyo Ghoul.

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October 22, 2015

Description: I'm pretty sure that almost all the anime characters I upload today are from Tokyo Ghoul, but I could be wrong. Since I'm not an avid watcher or follower of the anime/manga, I may get some of the figures wrong. Bit this lesson on drawing Rize Kamishiro is right. As you can see she is in her mellow state. She is, as you know a ghoul with a really big appetite. Rize is also called 'Binge Eater' and this is because the girl can eat. There was a point where she was a huge threat to the ghouls at the 11th and 20th wards. Anyways, I love how she came out. Rize is pretty, simple and a hungry gal. Have fun drawing Rize from Tokyo Ghoul and I will be back with the other tuts soon.

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