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how to draw slime letters

Artist: fixme101 / August 14, 2012
how to draw slime letters

Step 1.

first you start out with plain old letters your using for this

Step 2.

next,you start with the slime mke the edges cured and not sharp and make it look drippy

Step 3.

to the rest of the letters as so

Step 4.

and remamber,practice makes perfect so if you dont get it at first keep trying unlike me who freaks out over messing up one little thing >.>

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Artist: fixme101
Date Added: August 14, 2012
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Description: this is my first tutrioal so um yeah it might be suckish so anywho im gonna tech you how to draw letters slime style im doing my name in this tutorial but you can do any word in the dictonary so yeah imma stop stalling and start......