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how to draw simple howling wolf

Artist: catworld132 / December 12, 2015
how to draw simple howling wolf

Step 1.

star by drawing the outline like this

Step 2.

now draw the bottom lip

Step 3.

now erase the line in between.

Step 4.

now draw the ear.

Step 5.

draw the back

Step 6.

now draw the front

Step 7.

now the eye

Step 8.

now the chin hairs (but this is optional)

Step 9.

now the mouth. i erased the back of the mouth but you don't have to

Step 10.

now the nose

Step 11.

now create the moon

Step 12.

now color the sky if you want

Step 13.

now color the wolf whatever color you like. i did brown.

Step 14.

now the stars and your done!

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catworld132 · 5 years ago
guys you should comment ideas for more tuts
Artist: catworld132
Date Added: December 12, 2015
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Tags: how to draw wolf.
Description: a simple way to draw a cute wolf. comment a idea for another tutorial :)