How to Draw Simple Eyes

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You will be drawing a bunch of different eyes that are all all sorts of sizes, colors, and expressive forms. All you have to do here is draw the begining lines for your simple eyes, or eye that you want to draw.


Now you will start sketching in the eyelids, and the eyelashes for your simple eyes. As you can see the eye shapes that have thin lids are for a boy, and the eyes that are bold in shape are for your girls.


Now you will draw in the actual shape of the eye or eyes that you are drawing. This can be done by incorporating the bottom lid, with the size and shape of the eye. Some of the eyes have eyebrows that you will also need to draw out as well.


For your last drawing step all you have to do is draw in the eye shapes, and then the eyepupils. Once that is done you can start coloring in the pupils and then start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


You are all done with this tutorial on "how to draw simple eyes". I hope you had fun, join me again with another drawing lesson.

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December 30, 2009

Description: Drawing eyes is something that can take an artist a very long time to get them drawn the right way. That is why I am always submitting tutorials that teaches you this very concept. Just by me mentioning the word “eyes”, you already know that I am going to submitting a lesson that has to do with our sight keepers. Now, because art comes in many different shapes, sizes and forms, there is a bunch of ways that you can draw eyes. This tutorial will show you “how to draw simple eyes, step by step”. The best way to start drawing any part of someones face, is to start simple. The way I learned to draw faces, is by starting easy. I drew a lot of cartoon style faces, a lot of self sketches, and I also just used to draw eyes one at a time in all sorts of random poses, and expressions. I think you will find that this lesson will be a big help for you artists that need an extra hand when it comes time to “draw simple eyes, step by step”. I will be back in a little while with some other cool stuff that I think you will enjoy. Like I said before, these lessons that are going up today are requests that were made in the past, so if you keep your eyes wide open, you may see a tutorial that you have been waiting for. Peace out people, and happy drawing!

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