How to Draw Scorch, Escape From Planet Earth


Again, we will draw a profile of Scorch first, then proceed with the full lesson. Start by making the head and facial guides like so. When that is done you can sketch out the shape of the head and face like so. Draw in the pointed martian ears, then    


Now let's get to the nitty gritty. Draw the shapes for both the head and body for Scorch. You will need to add the facial guidelines as well.


Sketch out the shape of Scorch's big block like head like so, then draw the pointed ears.


Here you will utilize the facial guidelines you made and draw out the eyebrows, eyes, then his sly grin or smile. Don't forget to add the top row of teeth, and the detailing inside of the ears. There is a fin like shape on top of his head as you can    


You are already almost done with drawing Scorch. Draw the thick neck, then draw the shoulders, and upper arm. You will need to also draw out his chest or torso which is in a straight pose for a perfect posture stance. Draw the waist and belt, then pr   


This is the last drawing part as far as his body goes. All you have to do is finish drawing out the arms which as you can see should come out looking toned. Draw the rings around the elbow and on the wrists.


Lastly, add detailing to his astronaut suit like so, and be sure to take your time while doing this because he is after all a famous astronaut. When you're done you can erase all the mistakes and guides you made.


Here is Scorch now that you are all done. Color him in blue and show folks the new character you made that will be starring in the new movie Escape from Planet Earth.

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December 20, 2012

Description: Yup, you are seeing right. It is another new character from an upcoming movie called 'Escape from Planet Earth'. This tutorial will be on "how to draw Scorch Supernova" who happens to be one of the main figures from the film. I obviously know that the movie won't be a big blockbuster hit because Brendan Fraser is the voice of the main character. Scorch is from planet Baab and he is what you call a well known astronaut as well as a national hero. He travels to Earth on another dangerous mission where he finds himself trapped in Area 51. In an attempt to save his brother from captivity, Gary Supernova is the one that is left with the responsibility to save his brother Scorch, his wife Kira, and what else, his home planet Baab. Drawing Scorch will be simple so don't think it's going to complex. I will be back with some other fun stuff for you artistic people on

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