How to Draw Robin Hood

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Start with some basic lines and shapes to get your Disney character started. Make a circle, for his head, and then add the body guidelines. Don't forget the arched line for his bow.


Begin sketching out Robin's face starting with the muzzle and nose tip. Next draw the eyes, and hat like so.


Draw the bottom mouth line and shape, and then add some detailing to the left ear. You will then sketch out the left arm which is pulling back on the bow, and then get the torso all drawn out like so which includes the shirt and all.


Finish the hat by adding a feather, and then completely draw out the archers bow like so. Finish sketching out the right arm and hand, and then add some detailing to the collar.


Finish drawing the bottom half of Robin's shirt, and then begin sketching out the legs which should also be fluffy because he is a fox after all. Add the belt, and proceed on.


To finish off this character, all you have to do is sketch out Robin's tail, and then draw in the rest of the legs, and shoes like so. Erase the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


When you are done, this is what Robin should look like. See how nice he looks. Color him in and you are all done with drawing this Disney character.

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July 28, 2010

Description: Well one of the talked about heroes from old English myth, is the character you see here only he is in fox form. I received a request for me to do a lesson that teaches you "how to draw Robin Hood", step by step. I'm not going into detail because I have a lot to do today, and I just wanted to get some of these old lessons up before I submit more. I will be back to finish this description in more detail, but for now I will just talk about this characters detail. He is Robin Hood, prince of thieves, and in his fox form, Robin takes on all the treasures of the wicked King Richard. This is Disney's creation of the very popular tale of Robin Hood, and they did an awesome job creating animal characters so that children can enjoy the tale of one of the best thieves of all. I hope you have fun when you teach yourself how to draw Robin Hood, step by step. I will be back later to upload more tutorials for all you guys to learn from. Peace out people, and have an awesome drawing day!

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