How to Draw Raven From Teen Titans Go


Start with a circle for the head like so.


Next, draw the hood from her cloak that she always wears on her head and make sure that there is a point.


You will draw the first side of her cloak, which should be as long as her feet because you will not see her shoes at all.


Next, draw the other side of her cloak like so, then draw in some of her torso and arm.


Make a sharp heart shape that frames her face. This is also a mask that covers her face too. There should be eye and mouth cutouts.


Draw in Raven's eyes, then color in her pupils. Add the mouth then you're done here.


Here is the last drawing step. Add detailing to the cape part of her cloak, then move to the next step when you are done erasing the mistakes.


Tada! You are all done drawing Raven. Color her in using Raven's purple hues.

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April 7, 2013

Description: You know her color and you know her look. Here is the third Teen Titan character that will be in the upcoming cartoon series 'Teen Titans Go'. Here is "how to draw Raven from Teen Titans Go", and as you can see she is in a sweet but serious chibi like form. The large head and small body will make drawing Raven even easier than her regular form. I know that the series will air sometime this month on Cartoon Network so keep a watchful eye out.

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