How To Draw R2-D2

How To Draw R2-D2
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First step is sketching the outline for his shell. All you need to do is draw a big egg shape and this will complete this step.


Now start drawing the robots tripod. He has two mechanical arms on both the left and right side. To draw this from top to bottom, start with sketching a rounded top and working your way down to a squared shape on bottom. The middle roller is just tha   


Here is were you will be sketching out all the detail to R2-D2's body. This may seem hard at first glance but it really is quite easy. It is just a bunch of different shaped squares and rectangles of all sizes that are in one big mama square. If you    


Here is just a short simple step that put more definition to the androids structure. On the left side it has little gadgets that make him complete. Finish off all the detailing in this step before moving to step 5. He has a lot of little tweaks all o   


Here is where you will sketch and draw the remaining parts on R2-D2. As you can see he has the 3-D effect, and this is because the tripod was boxed when you where drawing him. Just simply draw three small circles to fill in the holes on the front, an   


In this step, you will start finishing off the bottom mechanics of R2 D2. This should be very easy. Use the guidelines for the wheels in order to make the straight lines and edges perfectly straight. I recommended using a ruler for most of these line   


Here is the finished product. Your drawing should resemble this when you are done. When I say done I mean when you are done erasing the guidelines and sketch marks. You can color him in or leave him as a sketch. R2-D2 is ready for his next Star Wars    

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January 25, 2008

R2-D2 is the little android that is part of the Star Wars saga. He is usually accompanied by his android pal C-3PO whose character is more careful, and sensible, while R2’s character is an adventurous risk taker. Most folks don’t know that R2-D2 was a name made up on the set of American Graffiti from a cutter who asked for R2-D2 “reel 2 dialog 2”. As it goes, R2-D2 is a droid from Naboo that served upon the Royal Starship. I knew him best from the Star Wars movies of the 1970’s. He was sold to Luke Skywalker and his uncle Owen by Jawa traders. He was almost left behind if it wasn’t for his counterpart 3PO. We all know how the story goes from all of the six Star Wars movies; I don’t think I need to go any further on the description of this android. I grew up loving him; I think he is a funny, energetic character with loads of personality. I did have a question that needed to be answered, which was “did he have any weapons built into him at all?” Yes, he had an arc welder and a buzz saw, I don’t think he used them on anyone but that is what he is equipped with. He was also an onboard astromech on the X-wing, Naboo N-1, and the starfighter. In 2003 he was added to the Robot Hall of Fame for being one of the most popular droid characters in all the Star Wars flicks. This tutorial shows you "<strong>how to draw R2-D2</strong>" with a total of six easy steps. The instructions are simple to read and learn from. The sketch of him took me longer to make then making the tutorial for him. I hope you enjoyed this read, I will see you again very shortly.

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