How to Draw Prince Zelda


You will begin by making the shape of the head and then draw the body guide shapes. When that is done add the facial guidelines.


For the next step all you have to do is draw the shape of the face, then sketch in the hair that falls on the side of the face.


Now that the face is all drawn out, you can begin drawing the crown which rests on the forehead instead of top portion of the head. Add the detailing to the jewel and leaves as well.


Up next, draw the shape of the head and then sketch in the pointed elven style ears. Add detailing inside the ears as well, then draw the shapes of the eyes, nose and mouth.


You will draw the neck, then draw the shoulders and part of the chest plate. Add detailing to the shoulder pads, then move to step six.


Continue to sketch out the shirt which is short and sort of crinkled. You will then draw the small pieces of rope that is used to tie the shoulder plates. Next, add the design on the shoulders, then draw the tri-force symbol on the chest.


You are already almost done with drawing Prince Zelda. You will make the belt, then draw the cloth that falls down in front of his body which will end up being between the legs.


Draw in the strong looking arms and hands, then draw in the legs without the feet as of yet.


Now we can work on finishing this drawing on Prince Zelda. All you have to do is draw in the cape, then draw the boots or feet. Once that is complete you can add the design patterns on the flap which is the tri-force and some other symbols. Erase the   


That's it, you are finished with drawing Prince Link. I hope my version of this Zelda character is good enough for you all. Color him in and tackle another tut.

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October 28, 2013

Description: Here I am making lessons based on some pretty cool characters from Legend of Zelda in female form. What about turning the girls into males like Princess Zelda? I can't tell you how awesome the idea was to make a tutorial on "how to draw Prince Zelda", step by step. As you can see I switched the dress for a pair of slacks but kept that pink hue to the clothing. Princess Zelda's long locks are exchanged for a shorter boy style, and the tiara is transformed into a head crown. I really do love the way that Prince Zelda came out and I think a lot of you will love this lesson too. I still have one more character from the Zelda series to upload and this time they will be in their original state. Have fun and adios.

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